Dog Sense Large Breed Adult 20kg (Price includes R60 delivery fee to Durban & Surrounds)

Nutritionally balanced and complete


  • A balance of essential fatty acids to help ensure a healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • A balance of digestive bres to help prevent the uncomfortable effects of constipation and help nurture bene cial ora in your dog’s gut.
  • A balance of calcium and phosphorus for optimal bone development and dental health.
  • A brain nutrient, DHA, to help support mental alertness.

Premium dog food for large breed dogs

Woof! My name is Bruno!

I’m a big dog. People think I’m a tough guy but deep down I’m just a big old softy who loves to spend time with my human team. Which is why I need all the good stuff to give me the energy to spread the love all day long. Is it food time yet?

Ingredients & Nutrition


Maize*, poultry meal, rice, wheat bran, maize gluten, poultry oil, beet pulp, palatability enhancer, salmon oil powder, salt, potassium chloride, minerals, vitamins and approved antioxidants (* May contain GMO)



  • 21% (min)Crude Protein
  • 10% (max)Moisture
  • 10% (min)Total Fat
  • 3.5% (max)Crude Fibre
  • 7% (max)Ash
  • 1.2% (min)Calcium
  • 0.8%(min)Phosphorus
  • 1.1 - 1.5:1Ca:P ratio
  • 1.5% (min)Linoleic acid (g/kg)
  • 400 mg/kgGlucosamine & Chondritin

Feeding Instructions

Feeding guideline on back of packaging.

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