Ideal Adult 25kg (Price includes R60 delivery fee)

Full Nutrition


  • Fully balanced, for healthy happy dogs.
  • Ideal levels of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support all the body’s systems.
  • Top quality imported protein source (meat and bone meal and poultry meal)
  • Highly digestible ingredients.
  • Added liver digest for maximum taste and palatability.

Nutrional Adult Dog Food

Ideal is scientifically formualated to supply your dog with all the nutrients thatit requires to promote bine strength, muscle tone, coat condition and gerenal vitality and life quality.


Ingredients & Nutrition


Cereals, meat and animal derivaties, vegatble derivaties, oils and fats, vitamins and minerals, palatability enchacers, approved anti-oxidants.



  • 200g/kg minProtein
  • 100g/kg maxMoisture
  • 90g/kg minFat
  • 50g/kg maxFibre
  • 80g/kg maxash

Feeding Instructions

Feeding guuideline on back of packaging.

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