Monty & Me Adult 10kg (Price includes R60 delivery fee to Durban & Surrounds)

Ideally balanced and delightfully yummy


Choose Monty & Me for your pal!
All Montego products are prepared in our world-class factory according to recipes formulated specifically for South African dogs – and we only use the best ingredients and raw materials available. So you can rest assured that every mouthful of Monty & Me Adult is ideally balanced, delightfully yummy and positively digestible!

Deliciously nutritious food for adult dogs

  • Monty & Me is jam-packed with anti-oxidants for immune support, perfect for keeping doggy immune systems healthy and strong!
  • Optimum protein and fat levels help keep Monty strong, healthy and in tip-top condition
  • We’ve added natural prebiotic fibre, sourced from wheat bran, to help your pal’s digestive system stay happy and healthy!
  • Monty always looks ready for show-day (even if you’re just going for a stroll in the park), thanks to added Omega 6 oil ensuring healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat!
  • Monty & Me’s crunchy kibbles assist in fighting plaque and tartar, “brushing” teeth to keep them clean and healthy for a winning smile!

Ingredients & Nutrition


Cereals*, meat & animal derivativies, vegtable protein extracts, deriviatives of vegetable origin, fats & oils, minerals, vitamins and approved anti-oxidtans. * May contain GMOs



  • 180g/kg minCrude Protein
  • 100g/kg maxMoisture
  • 90g/kg minCrude Fat
  • 45g/kg maxCrude Fibre
  • 80g/kg maxCrude Ash
  • 16g/kg maxCalcium
  • 11g/kg minPhosphorus
  • 6 - 10Omega 6:3 Ratio

Feeding Instructions

See back of packaging for recommend daily feed guideline.

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